Club Activities

Our goal is to promote diverse, fun club activities and annual events to current members, visiting pilots, guests and spectators. We currently engage in the following regular activities and events.

Flight Training

Activity 1
  If you are new to R/C flying and interested in learning to fly R/C airplanes, we have a dedicated group of flight instructors who can provide group or one-on-one training sessions. You do not need to be a current member of our club or even the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to receive free 60-day trial flight training through our Introductory Pilot Program.

Club Events

Activity 2
  We host several annual events to promote our hobby and club. Some of the events are open to the general public such as our annual celebration of National Model Aviation Day (NMAD). Most events are open to spectators, guests and visiting pilots. Club events are typically scheduled events and listed on our event calendar.

Pylon Racing

Activity 3
  If you like the adrenaline rush of racing, you will enjoy our scheduled pylon races. Our racing offers entry-level pylon racing for pilots with intermediate to advanced flying skills. This level of racing also appropriately balances cost and performance while being suitable for a broader range of pilots.

Park Flying

Activity 4
  One of our community-facing club activities is our seasonal Park Flying. It typically is a weekly activity and starts in the Spring (April) and lasts throughout late summer (September). It takes place at one of Bend's public parks with the goal of having fun and exposing R/C flying to park visitors in a more laid back environment.

Night Flying

Activity 5
  It may sound scarier than it actually is, but once you try night flying you will be surprised how relaxing and fun it can be. All it takes is to equip one of your existing airplanes with LED lights and a power source and off you go. There is really no particular airplane type that is uniquely suitable for night flying and it all depends on your flying preferences.