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Flying Site

Our flying site (called "Popp's Field") is located about 18 miles east of Bend, Oregon (Deschutes County) going towards Burns, just off Highway 20 near Horse Ridge and the Oregon Badlands. For detailed directions, please click here.

The flying site features a 550 by 30 feet paved runway. In addition, the field accommodates our club house and two Porta-Potties. Access to the field requires a lock combination to open one of the main access gates.

Electricity, water, and garbage disposal are provided for special events and club activities as appropriate. However, three (3) recycling barrels are available at all times during the year. Since we do not have access to scheduled disposal services, we expect all our members and visitors to dispose of their own garbage, unless garbage barrels/bags are put up in support of club events.

Our flying site provides the following pilot amenities:

In general, we welcome visitors and spectators. Any visiting pilots must be accompanied by a current member of BAM. We highly recommend that you contact us a few days prior to your arrival so we can arrange for a member to meet you at the field if necessary.

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